Rev. Matthew F. Thomas ULC. AO. DD. RMT


    Rev. Thomas is a Professional Reiki Master/ Teacher, Druid Minister ordained through the Universal Life Church, Spiritual Counselor, Seer, & Psychic Artist.  He specializes in preventative and recuperative complementary Holistic healing  therapies,   While he does take some private clients in his Fleetwood home office, he is available to new clients for Reiki, Foot Reflexology, Spiritual Counseling, at our Temple location.

    Rev. Thomas' List of services is however not a menu to pick and choose from, though you may of course voice a preference. An hour appointment with him includes some or all of his skills and talents. For new clients, the information discovered at your intake appointment will determine which services you are in need of at the moment, and together you can plan what you will need in the coming future. 



    Rev. Thomas can be reached at 610-718-6046 or

FEES: The flat rate for one hour is $60.

(Cash, Credit /Debit cards accepted at time of service. 

What to expect during an appointment.


For all new clients, the first few minutes of your appointment will be reviewing and signing a release to treat form. Similar to any form you would read and sign at any medical office before treatment. Rev. Thomas will discuss the information on the form to your full understanding before signing, then chat a few more moments to learn what your immediate goals are. "what you hope to achieve from treatment". 

During an appointment with Rev. Thomas at “U3 body, Mind & Spirit Holistic Health care center, Rev. Thomas aids your balanced over all health from the spiritual / emotional side of yourself. He offers the following treatment options. A single service may be requested, though aspects of all may be employed during a single visit.


Reiki Energy Healing and Reflexology.

Rev. Thomas is a certified Reiki master teacher, and reflexologist.


Reiki is not massage. It is a system of transferring bio-electrical energy from one person to another to aid in the bodies natural autoimmune systems ability to heal. It promotes relaxation and stress reduction, as well can lower certain inflammations in the joints and tissues. Reiki is noninvasive and is performed fully clothed employing gentle touch.


Reflexology of the feet and hands: is a technique of light soothing massage of the hands and feet stimulating nerve points that correspond with various other parts of the body. It can also enhance relaxation, stress reduction, reduce inflammation, soothe symptoms of arthritis, digestive, abdominal.and sinus issues.


  • Both Reiki and Reflexology therapies can be performed during the same session if requested.


Spiritual counseling


    At U3, spiritual counseling with Rev Thomas is not psychotherapy. Nor is it faith specific instruction. It has little to do directly with ones religious practice in general, but addresses the inner most emotional self during times of frustration or desperation to offer guidance.

During a spiritual counseling appointment Rev. Thomas employs his years of ministry experience, intuitive skills, and personal insight to help discover the sources of your stress and grief in the moment to assist you in figuring out a positive options to continue moving forward.

Most of the time we just need someone to listen to help us work things out, however in the instance a situation has deeper emotional components, he will refer you on to one of our clinical counselors for more in depth counseling options.


Extra Sensory Perceptions.


    Rev. Thomas is also a celebrated Seer and Psychic artist of 30 years. His knowledge of the metaphysical, paranormal, and archaic forms of divination are also tools used during spiritual counseling to help discern hidden aspects of situations. (or can be requested at any other time for nostalgic entertainment purposes.)

Weddings, Baptisms / welcoming ceremonies, & rites of passage:

    Rev, Thomas is of course an ordained minister and available to solemnize marriages and perform any number of spiritual ceremonies. (All of the U3 partners are ordained ministers as well with only the exception of Ms. Hanzl our massage therapist.)