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I’m Becky, and I’m the Social Work Witch. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Pennsylvania, but I’ve been a Witch most of my life!

I began my path down this road a little over 30 years ago, studying theology and belief systems from around the world, which led to my personal connection to the Goddess.

Many years ago, when my own child was in need of mental health treatment, I discovered the fear of searching for a therapist who would treat my family like everyone else. I searched for a counselor who would be understanding and kind to my child, and not judgmental of our family’s religious differences. We were incredibly lucky to find one. But this struggle led me down another path – before I knew it, I was enrolled in grad school, with the goal of becoming a social worker.

In my time as a social worker, I’ve worked with children, adolescents & adults, individuals, families & groups. I’ve helped people in need through work in agencies, in home-based family therapy, in community mental health, and in private practice. I’ve also had training in multiple forms of Reiki, a form of complementary medicine, which I use in my work, to help people with physical and emotional illnesses.

I’ve been blessed in my years doing this work, to be able to serve many people who’ve struggled to find ethical, non-judgmental, quality mental health treatment, without fear of discrimination. Whether you’re in the Pagan/Earth-spiritual, BDSM, polyamorous, or LGBTQIA+ communities, or you’re just searching for someone who will be open-minded and see you for who you really are, I promise you, my office is a safe space.

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