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Change is Magic

I often tell my clients, "I have a magic wand...but it doesn't work that way." When I say this, I mean that I may have something pretty that looks a lot like your favorite Fairy Godmother's tool of choice, but it can't magically make things happen for you.  Change takes intention, energy, and the spark that is your drive...your motivation to change!  

Well magic works that way too, doesn't it? To make magic happen, you need to know what you want (your intent), add energy, and then give it a little push, a spark, to make it happen. 


When we talk about magic, we're not talking Houdini here. It's not slight-of-hand tricks, disappearing skyscrapers, or big stage shows. The kind of magic we're talking about is transformative.  And that magic? It only happens when you're ready for it. That transformation isn't the stuff of fairy's real, and it can be yours. 

The work that we put into therapy is work we do together. You will never be left alone in the dark to figure out where you're going next. From your first session, we'll create a plan, a road map of sorts, where you'll decide what changes you want to make, and together, we'll figure out how to get you there. Are you ready? Let's go!

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